Social Media Takeovers

One very important aspect of race weekends is showcasing all of the behind-the-scenes action that goes on at the track. Whether it be showing the team preparing the car to go out to practice, having short interviews with drivers, or simply updating people how the weekend is going, my social media takeovers are always a great way to give fans - and sponsors - a more in depth look into what goes on during race weekends.

Press Releases

Press releases are short essays about the upcoming race that are published before and after the race weekend. The press releases I write describe the big stories leading into the weekend, along with stats and other valuable information such as when the race will be televised. These releases are posted directly to social media pages, and if the driver has a website, they are sent out to email subscribers.

At Track Appearances

Part of race weekends that fans enjoy the most are driver appearances. I help facilitate these appearances, either by working with the track or sponsor displays to schedule the good opportunity to appeal to more fans. At such appearances, fans can hear informative Q & A interviews, take pictures with, or receive autographs from drivers. Fan engagement is critical in the sport of racing, and the more engagement there is, the bigger your brand can grow. 

Website Design

One of my favorite services I offer is  website building. The websites I have created in the past are professional, engaging, and simple to view. Having a good website is a big positive for individuals - and companies - to have. For starters, due to their professional manner, it can attract more sponsors. Also, with websites, fans can sign up for news letters that include press releases and other upcoming events they can attend. For more info about building websites and what goals should be portrayed on them, shoot me an email.

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