Paint Scheme Design

Paint scheme wraps are an integral part in racing. The vivid colors associated with paint schemes are often what differentiates drivers, sponsors, and teams from each other. Most of the paint schemes I have designed that have made it to the racetrack have gone through numerous versions of edits and changes, as it is my goal to deliver exactly what the customer wants. Regardless of how many revisions need to happen.

Logo Design

Logos are everywhere you look - and it is often said that people can tell the quality of a company or individual solely off of the quality of logo they are represented by. I create unique, bold logos that can make a customer - whether that be an individual or company - stand out from the crowd.

Merchandise Design

If I've learned one thing about racing culture, it is that fans love merch. I have just recently started to design merchandise, and can assure you that my designs will bring that much more professionalism to your brand. Merchandise I can design include hats, shirts, drink koozies, and much more.

Hero Card Design

Nothing quite connects a driver to their fans like "hero cards". These unique posters are synonymous with autograph sessions, and showcase photos of drivers and their cars on the front, along with facts and stats on the back. Picture a trading card, but larger. Most of my hero card designs are suited for 8.5'' x 11'' card stock, the standard size for hero cards.


To see some examples of my work, be sure to take a look at my design work portfolio!

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