Original Concept - Brain Storm


All projects start with an idea. Before I get started on any designing, I like to converse with the customer to see what general idea they would like to show through the project.

First Version - Rough Draft


Once I get a general idea of the direction that a customer wants to head with a project, I draw up a rough draft of where I am heading. If the customer is happy, I continue with the design. If not, I scrap it and start from the beginning.

Revision, Revision, Revision


I will continue to make tweaks to the project until both the customer is satisfied with it. There is no limit to how many revisions I can make, because at the end of the day, I want my customers to know that I will do anything to please them.

Modeling - "Mock Ups"


Once a customer is satisfied with a design, I send them images of what the final product will look like. For paint schemes, I use iRacing to model, or "mock up" how the car would look like in a real setting.

Final Approval - Printing


I will continue to search for ways to improve the project all the way up until it is printed. Once both the customer approves the final version, I send the design artwork directly to the customer, where they will have it printed and wrapped on the actual car.

Final Product - Presentation


Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the final product on a real racecar after hours of hard work. The car is presented to the sponsor at the race track, where customers see their concept come to life.